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Shadi Darzeidan

Shadi Darzeidan

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    I use pens, markers, and digital illustration in portraiture and figurative artwork to explore the limits of human physiology in conveying moods and tones.
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    Painting with a Twist - Artist, Instructor, Manager
    Teaches painting classes while painting and maintaining atmosphere of entertainment and enthusiasm.
    Manages reservations and customer service line.
    Informs customers about services offered by Painting with a Twist, including pricing for classes and private parties.
    7 Summits Creative - Graphic Designer
    OCTOBER 2016 - JANUARY 2017
    Created layouts advertisements in print and digital media.
    Designed logos for services and brands.
    Handled email marketing through MailChimp and other similar services.
    Animated graphics for TV displays and banner ads on web pages.
    Refined and touched up images for use in advertising campaigns and sales flyers.
    Communicated with production teams to ensure consistent and reliable quality for satisfaction of clients.
    Renzi Education & Art Center - Teacher
    MARCH 2017 - PRESENT
    Teaches children from 1st through 8th Grade about computer animation and digital art through GIMP, a public domain photo manipulation software. Also teaches art basics to go over the elements and principles of art.

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  • Shadi Darzeidan shared 12 photos in the Lemon Pop album
    5 months ago

    These are different looks I've put together for my drag persona Lemon Pop.
  • Shadi Darzeidan shared 13 photos in the Digital Art album
    5 months ago

    These are works I've created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Shadi Darzeidan shared 9 photos in the Pen/Marker Illustration album
    5 months ago

    These are pieces I created using felt-tip pens on different types of paper, sometimes cardstock, sometimes bristol paper.