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April Biz Art Showing

April Biz Art Showing

April Biz Art is featuring Brandie Ferguson - Photographer. Brandie's approach to photography is based on her belief in the beauty and majestic aspect of nature that God created with his hands. She wants her photographs to give the feeling of wonder and mystery that are rarely seen in daily life. Brandie believes there are great photographs waiting to be found everywhere and in everything. One must always have his eyes open to the awesome world that we live it. It take vision and insight of the artist to bring out the grandeur, whether great or small, of what is seen through their lens.

Brandie uses photography as a means to capture the things people look at but don't really see. Her goal is to make her photographs draw viewers in and make them think about what she has captured. She creates her photographs to express her interpretation of the world around her, whether it be a mountain range in Montana or the tiny flowers on the side of the road. 

Artist Participation – Participating artists can register by email to kim@hayterlaw.com. All submissions must be original and not a copy or reproduction of any other artwork. All visual artists, in all mediums can participate. Artists are advised to provide their own insurance for their artwork.

Apr 19 2018 at 05:00 PM - Apr 19 2018 at 07:00 PM
Shreveport, LA
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Kimberly Gable

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