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    Donalveon[duh•ny•vee•un], is an American recording artist and songwriter. Spawned of Electro Soul with R&B roots, the "Martian of R&B," quietly appears on the music scene with next era sounds of 'bright & urban' melodies. With early influence from his Dad, brother, uncle and chart-gracing cousins, the 2nd Tenor/Baritone began singing at 4 and writing at 11; it was the same year he entered the recording studio for the first time. After over 10 years of the studying, practicing, and continuous nurturing of industry professionals, Donalveon's voice appears to the R&B world through his debut masterpiece "Top of the Pops," an EP released in the Winter of 2014 showcased Donalveon's vision of a 'Back to the Future' styled vocal performance, consisting heavily of 90sesque vibes and 'ahead of time' production. Several projects have been graced by his voice since then, leading to the futuristic unveiling of his first studio LP, slated for a late Fall 2019 release. Witness the movement as he embarks on a musical journey of Neo Pop, infused with Electro Soul..forthcoming a New Age R&B!
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    At age 9 Donalveon began to study, write, and sit in recording sessions; he stepped to the mic a year later for the first time via Platnium Records Group Studios. Through work with his breakout trio "Gentle Mentality," Donalveon laid mature lyrics with buttery smooth vocals over heavily merged HipHop and R&B beats. The group continued for the next three years; ultimately disbanding for creative, management and scheduling differences, the three young men continues supporting eachother's musical endeavors. Entering high school, Donalveon began to season his performance chops becoming a vocal major in C.E. Byrd's Talented Arts Program. From babershop quartets to Shreveport's ArtbreakIdol, Donalveon diligently participated in several vocal sharpening activities and opportunities over the following few years. Upon graduation, he started putting together his first solo effort but postponed it due to his freshman year with the University of Louisiana at Monroe where he performed as a baritone with the college's ID Ensemble directed by the late Louis Nabors, Jr.; after one successful year he stepped out beginning to network, travel and polish his studio\stage abilities. He returned to school transferring to Remington College in Shreveport to complete an Associate's degree for a Business Administration study. Temporarily finishing his education towards a July 2015 exit date, Donalveon plans to record his first studio LP following his debut EP Winter 2014's "Top of the Pops;" in early 2018 he released a sleek, sequel "Top of the Pops Reloaded EP," and continues to perform on an array of collaborations with plans for a nonprofit, multi genre, crossover project.
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