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    I think art should be For and By everyone.Stuff I would like to do:+ Be an art teacher+ Have a book of poems published+ Write a "kids' book"+ Bake an animated short from scratch+ Write the script for an animated movie+ Have a "film" script produced+ Direct that "film"+ Patent and produce an invention+ Make an app+ Take a nap*+ Start a business+ Retire from that business+ Start a Non-Profit Organization+ Direct a music video+ See (and hear) one of my songs sung by Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, and Bobbie Gentry. (And Britney Spears.)+ Other, nobler thingsMost of these ideas are either cooking, brewing, or heating up. If you can assist me in any of these pursuits, I'm authorized to grant VERY high 5s.*I'm the best napper alive.
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    Louisiana State University.+ BA in Mass Communication
    + Minor in Visual Communication
    + Minor in FrenchLSU Shreveport.+ Certificate of Digital Media
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