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    To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it. –Kurt Vonnegut.
    As years have passed, I have come to realize that my "soul growing" endeavors encompass whatever I am creating at any given moment. When I am writing, my attention, heart and soul go into what I am writing, but it also goes into my visual art, my cooking, working, playing and my relationships.  The subtitle to my blog is "Life Is Creative." I have taken that statement and applied it to nearly every aspect of my life.
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    Loretta Casteen lives and works in Shreveport, LA. Of Late, her focus has been on Speculative Fiction, a broadly-defined genre, which allows her to incorporate her love of folklore, mythology and traditional fairy tales into her short stories and poems.
    Her fiction and non-fiction have appeared in print and online, including such publications as Woman’s World, Pregnancy Magazine, Angels on Earth, Eye to the Telescope, and Strange Horizons. The short story, “Mors Cupid” was included in the Urban Fantasy anthology Twisted Boulevard. Her collection of short stories and poems, Children of Elder Time: Stories for Daylight and Darkness, is now available for Kindle download at


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