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    Terry Walker was born in 1965 and raised in London, England. He was first introduced to the art of photography when he was 19 years old and he was particularly impressed with the French photographer Jeanloup Sieff.

    He received his first camera in 1985, a fully manual, Russian built "Zenit 11", but it wasn't until 2005 and the purchase of his first digital camera that he was freed from the financial considerations of film, and was able to focus more on developing his craft.

    One of the driving forces behind his work is the belief that beauty is not confined to one shape, one size, or one color. He focuses on the beauty of the person before him rather than trying to squeeze his subject into some pre-defined form of beauty.

    His work is primarily art-nude with occasional ventures into glamor and portraiture.

    He is entirely self-taught through books, magazines and experience.
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    Published in "The City"

    Three images in Mark Varley's book "Derelict Nudes"

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