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Leo Leo - L e e a u x

Leo Leo - L e e a u x

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    my name is L E E A U X (LEO). i am an artist from the Shreveport,Louisiana area. i am a creator of many sorts. i make illustrations with my favorite mediums: pen and ink. i make cool designs and put them onto t-shirts. i enjoy taking photos and freelance blogging the culture that is here around me. i'm an event planner in the all-ages music and arts culture. i host showcases called #PORTCULTURE that merge that tri-state areas (TX,AR,LA) of talent in music and arts and brings them to a central location in the city of Shreveport. i like chai tea. i dedicate my time to making this place a little bit better than before i came here. i'm dedicated to my craft and i will illuminate the culture around me. i think i am very good at what i do. please join my story. let's grow.
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