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    While I am published by Columbia University Press (Soldier Dead: How We Recover, Identify, Bury, and Honor Our Military Fallen…2005 & 2008), my true passion is for fiction…in particular, speculative fiction. Think of 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Stranger in a Strange Land, The Handmaid's Tale, to name a few. In this genre, authors write of dissatisfaction with the status quo, often using a future or fantasy world to illustrate woes of contemporary society. Authors, if not careful, can fall into the trap of writing a polemic instead of an engaging literary piece that stirs readers to thought and, hopefully, some form of action. As I craft my work and brand, I often incorporate spiritualism of the kind described by Jung, but incorporated with the work of Joseph Campbell who believed that the archetypes we see time and again are embedded in our DNA, are part of the course of our belief systems. I feel we have moved away from what is truly important—life, spirituality, love of our fellow human beings—and have become caught up in a rat's race where, despite how hard we run we never get anywhere.My purpose as who I am, a writer, is to call into question entrenched beliefs and patterns of behavior that are held and performed more out of habit (or fear of change) than for any actual good purpose. Mike Sledge
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    Author of Soldier Dead: How We Recover, Identify, Bury, and Honor Our Military Fallen (Columbia University Press, 2005 & 2008). Many articles in numerous publications regarding this subject. Book is on CSpann BookTV and has been cited in Supreme Court Case. Kojo Nnamdi Show. Leonard Lopate Show. Washington Post. Gerald's Star. Novella. Amazon Kindle 2010That's No Ashtray. Stage play soon to be considered for production. Short stories in The Forum and City Life.Detail follows:May 2008 “Why Our Heroes Rest In Peace,” New York Daily News2007 “Why It Matters,” Book Excerpt from Soldier Dead: How We Recover, Identify, Bury, and Honor Our Military Fallen, Special edition of War, Literature & the Arts: An International Journal of the HumanitiesJanuary 2006 “What Do You Do With Dead Soldiers?”  Op-Ed for History News Network, May 2005 Soldier Dead: How We Recover, Identify, Bury, and Honor Our Military Fallen, published by Columbia University Press.November 2003 “First Stop for Fallen Soldiers,” for the Dallas Morning News.October 2003 “Military Honors Ongoing,” for the Bossier Tribune.February 2003 “U.S. Military Ponders Options for Handling War Dead” for the Dallas Morning News.September 1999 Wrote PFS Study Guide, self-published study guide for CPAsJune 1999 “Flying Hands”  Fiction Feature in Portfolio Magazine, Shreveport, LAMarch 1999 “Hammerings”  Fiction Feature in Portfolio Magazine, Shreveport, LADecember 1998 “I’ve Got The King Penguin Blues”  Poetry Satire in Portfolio Magazine, Shreveport, LAMay 1998 Lifetime Financial Planning, self study manual for the American Institute of Certified Public AccountantsMay 1997 Direct Participation Programs, Securities self study manual for EXAMCO1994 1st Place Winner of Shreveport Regional Arts Prose AwardJanuary 1990 “In a Moment of Time”  Fiction Feature in Forum Magazine, Shreveport, LA

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