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Brent Aldridge

Brent Aldridge

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    After a 26 year absence, Brent Aldridge has re-emerged onto the art scene. His full time job flying jets as a corporate pilot left him little time to pursue his other passion, art. During Brent's extended hiatus however, the creative urge never left. "Through the years, I've painted hundreds of pieces in my mind, committing to memory things and places I've seen both in the States and abroad." Many of these scenes were also captured through photography, another creative outlet.  Once preferring highly detailed oil paintings, Brent now enjoys painting abstracts using acrylics, occasionally embellishing them with oils."I start a painting with a general idea of what I want the finished piece to be, and the colors I want to use and to blend to create the art.  However, during the artistic process, the painting begins to take on a life of its own. As it does, I use various methods to accommodate what I feel the piece is trying to say and to help it along. The finished piece is rarely what I had in my mind when I began the painting, and that is a creative aspect that I thoroughly enjoy!""I feel that my art is rapidly evolving with respect to color and techniques. What I enjoy about abstract is that I am not locked in to the detailed style that I once painted in, although I feel like my paintings are finding a happy medium somewhere between abstract and realism. I am more able to express myself through the use of color and bold strokes of the paintbrush or palette knife." "Hopefully when people see my art, they will say "I like that!".  I want my paintings to inspire thinking, while at the same time adding warmth and character to the location where the collector choses to display my work."
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    BA degree Louisiana Tech University 1979   Art
    BS degree Louisiana Tech University 1988   Professional Aviation
    Studied smooth brushstroke technique under artist Ron Atwood 1985-1987
    Commissioned works for Ducks Unlimited, Hal Sutton Foundation
    Donated originals for auction and signed and numbered prints made for each
    Collectors in Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Colorado   


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