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    I don't exactly remember when I first fell in love with art but I do know its always been apart of me. Art is my greatest passion. I love creating artwork that makes me happy and I want to do the same for others. I paint mainly with oils, acrylic, and watercolors. I consistently use bright colors in all of my work because I feel that those colors translate into happiness, hope, tranquility, and a love for life. Photography is another avenue that allows me to express my creativity. I love capturing the moment and experimenting. The thing I love most about photography is that anyone can see but not everyone has vision. I feel that without art I would not be me which is where got my name " Artist That I Am" It is a play on words in multiple ways to me personally. One being "Art Is, That I Am" and this also pays honor to my personal beliefs in God acknowledging God as " I Am That I Am". Being a artist born in the south I feel my style also reflects my culture and my heritage. These are the things that bring my artwork to life and I pray that as each day passes not only will my sight remain on making people happy with my work, but that I also continue to perfect my craft and allow the observers of my work to see my vision and it touches them in a personal way.
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    Visual Arts Executive
    L.I.N.K FEST 2018 - Shreveport, LA
    June 2018 to June 2018
    I was the Visual Arts Executive for L.I.N.K Fest for 2018

    L.I.N.K Fest stand for (Local Individuals Networking Kreativity) and what we do is provide a space and platform for local artist and small business to network, Sale, and gain exposure to the local community. I (Sebastian Williams owner of Artist That I Am ) was in charge of creating the logo for the event along with filming and photographing our vendor and sponsor spotlights which we used to help advertise the event. This also helped advertise for vendors and sponsors that participated. I was also over the Arts and Craft activities on the day of the event which was held in Downtown Shreveport in the Artisan Court.

    Photographer/Studio Manager
    Portrait Innovations - Shreveport, LA
    October 2015 to December 2017
    I take photos of clients and sale portrait packages.
    My responsibilities here are:
    meet weekly sales Quotas.
    maintain a clean & efficient work environment.
    opening and closing the studio.
    taking cash deposits to the bank.
    following corporate photography protocol procedures.
    Editing portraits if corrections are needed.
    Managing Labor.
    Responsible for All Part Time Hiring and Full Time Interviews.
    Managing a Team of 6 photographers.
    Staying on time with our appointment books.
    Maintaining a High Studio/Personal Sales Average weekly.
    Travel to assist and Train other associates at other studios.

    Multimedia Leader (volunteer work)
    New Creation Family Church - Shreveport, LA
    November 2006 to May 2014
    Make sure graphics, bible scriptures, videos, and lyrics, are queued up on the screen for praise and worship, sermons, and announcements.

    Skills Used
    video editing

    Lumpy Grits Artistry LLC
    2012 to 2014
    Artistry Organization that provides training and and experience for local artist. I am one of the very first members. I helped with creating marketing content for shows and productions. I also participated in two theater plays and one sidewalk show/arts festival

    Additional Experience

    Apart of "Lumpy Grits Artistry L.L.C" Group. I act, sing, play guitar, and also create visual art.

    Associates in Applied Science of Mass Communications
    Bossier Parish Community College - Bossier City, LA
    2011 to 2014

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