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    In my art, I use a particular style of lines, dots, and bold color to draw spectators into my world. I am in creative Matrimony with colored pencils, markers, and makeup. I describe the visual wonderland I create as Eyerratic artwork. The message within my work varies; I transfer moments of nostalgia into my work and sometimes I get a color high. Whatever appeals to me, I unleash that energy in my work.
  • Resume

    The Healthcare Gallery Pop Fest Ehibition 2015

    Artist Entrepreneur Training Class Exhibition 2015
    Artbreak 2015
    Shreveport Regional Arts Council Critical Mass 2015
    Southern University Library Art Exhibit 2015
    Natural Charms of Art 2014
    Yazzy 22nd Annual Summer Mix 2014
    Newton Smith Sixth Grade Center Art Teacher 2013-2014
    "Keep Calm and Draw Some Stuff" 31 Day Challenge 2013
    Jane Ryder Runway Show 2013
    The Bossier Arts Council Pop Art Show 2013
    "At Mamu's Feet" 2013
    Southern University Homecoming Exhibit 2012
    The Style Exhibit 2012 "Ev'ry Time I Feel The Spirit" 2012
    "Mahalia" 2011
    Southern University Student Art Exhibit 2010
    Southern University Fame and Fashion Show 2010-2012
    Ego Magazine Photo shoot 2010


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