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April Clark Honaker

April Clark Honaker

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    I fell in love with words in 6th grade when my English teacher assigned us a daily journal. In one of those journals, I wrote my first poem, a haiku about a daffodil. I had no idea what I'd done, but I'll never forget how my teacher responded. I believe she'd have given me a similar look if I'd hoisted a car off the ground during recess, but hoisting a car was never an interest of mine. Neither was writing, until I realized what words could do. Strung together in the right way, words had power—the power to make others feel.

    Since the day I shared my first haiku, I've worked to harness that power—to shape words into forms that move people. Much of my work explores familial relationships strained by addiction and mental illness, but these themes are often a subtle undercurrent, not the central focus. Other recurrent themes include cycles as they appear in nature, family, relationships, and history; sin; memory; and the nature of God.

    In terms of technique, many of my poems rely heavily on imagery and metaphor, but I also use dialogue and have a fondness for word play. While some poems follow traditional forms (the sestina being a favorite), I enjoy experimenting with form and have written some poems meant for two voices that can be read in various ways. In addition, I like to make use of otherworldly settings and often bestialize or anthropomorphize my poems' characters. One of my favorite ways to challenge myself is through ekphrasis, and I'm fascinated by the possibilities created when different genres collide, which has led to collaboration with visual artists.
  • Resume

    Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA
    M.A. in English with thesis, March 2009
    Graduate-level E-Certificate in Technical Writing, 2009
    B.A. in English and Sociology, minor in French, May 2004

    Artist Career Advancement Grant, Louisiana Division of the Arts, 2012-13
    Isabel Sparks President’s Award (Poetry), Sigma Tau Delta, 2009
    Patricia Cornwell Scholarship for Creative Writing, Davidson College, 1999
    NFAA/ ARTS Honorable Mention and Scholarship for Fiction, 1999

    “Talking About What Matters: Reflections of a Louisiana Native” (poetry collection) International Sigma Tau Delta Conference, Minneapolis, MN, 2009.

    “At the Canyon’s Edge,” “Pretenses,” “Papa Ghede and Erzulie,” and “Justification.” (poetry) Mississippi Philological Association. Clinton, MS, 2009.
    “Fresh Weeds.” (poetry collection) International Sigma Tau Delta Conference. Louisville, KY, 2008.

    "Dirt." A Quiet Courage. Web (Spring 2016)
    “Louisiana.” Deep South Magazine. Southern Voice. Web (Spring 2015)
    “The Way She Carries Us.” Mom Egg Review. Issue 13 (Spring 2015)
    “ode to belly” & “seeing hooks.” 2River View. Issue 17.1 (Fall 2012).

    Iowa Summer Writing Festival (Instructor Richard Jackson), University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, 2013

    Hollinsummer Creative Writing Workshop (Hollins faculty), Hollins University, Roanoke, VA, 1998

    Sewanee Young Writers’ Conference (Instructors Diann Blakely & Andrew Hudgins), University of the South, Sewanee, TN, 1994.     
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