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Jonathan L Lewis

Jonathan L Lewis

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    My art is the path to the best part of me, a chubby, shy, and girl crazy kid who sees a lot of untapped beauty and strength in and around his community.
    My artwork encompasses years of observations, emotions and thoughts given form, that I have amassed in my travels in my youth and in the military as an adult, all the while going through an evolution and growth artistically in my experiences as a black male maturing and navigating the waters of life.
    My artwork showcases LOVE for my people and the community in various forms, using conventional and unconventional imagery in the hopes of initiating deeper dialogues and fluid exchanges of ideas and consciousness.
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    RAW artist since 2014
    10/23/14 RAW:Nashville presents AXIS
    12/02/15 RAW:New Orleans presents HOLIDAY RAWk

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