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Kalandra Jones

Kalandra Jones

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    I am a painter and a fashion illustrator of modern, black/brown women and draw upon the elements of nature and spiritual symbolism for inspiration. In current works, I start with my own experiences as a black woman to highlight the diversity of beauty in femininity. I am interested in what happens when these women are made the focal point of art, as opposed to being a part of the scenery.
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    I am a Shreveport artist who has been creating art for many years. I am inspired by aspects of nature and modern culture. I use gouache and acrylic paint to create my works and coat them in resin for a protective and glassy finish. I believe that art can be used to heal generational trauma, self esteem issues and a list of other personal issues. I have sold at events including the Bossier Maker’s Fair, the Bossier Night Market, Shop Til U Drop, and many other events over the past year. I have credits in Graphic Design and a Certification in Media Communications from Full Sail University in Winter Park Florida.

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