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Betsy Levels

Betsy Levels

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    I have always been driven to create something. Whether it was painting,sculpture, leathercraft, gardening, crochet... I had to learn how to make something new, or make something beautiful that wasn't before. I constantly look for new skills and techniques to expand my abilities because there is always that look or that feeling I want to capture but haven't yet. Whether anyone likes what I do or not, I have to touch that creative process somehow on a daily basis or I myself stop growing.
  • Resume

    Painted guitar featured in "The Decorative Painter" magazine
    Secretary/webmaster of The Loaded Brush
    participated in Creative Art Connection for several years
    teacher of decorative painting
    participant in
    Shreveport Maker's Fair, Bossier Maker's Fair, Highland Jazz Festival, Minden Maker's Fair, and Artwalk.
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