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    As an artist, I find inspiration from my emotions. I create art when the world is too much for me. I create art when I wish I could hide in a hole or when I am upset. I create pieces that come from the (broken side of my) heart. I started painting and drawing in February 2019. One early morning after a horrible breakup the night before, I found a sketch book on a bookshelf in my living room. It was completely blank. No name or anything. I felt the texture of the paper and immediately wanted to draw something. There I sat with a sketchbook and pencil and NO CLUE how to draw anything. I have never taken an art class. Not in grade school, high school, or even college. I do not have a formal art education. So I put on YouTube and watched a tutorial on how to draw realistic lips. From then on, I feel in love with the state of mind that drawing put me in. I was suffering from a broken heart. Drawing helped me stop crying. It helped me stop thinking about him. It helped me forget the world around me. So I watched video after video and I drew whenever I could, everyday. I was somewhat addicted to it. I found myself being okay with being alone and just drawing.
    I am very self-taught by trial and error. I started painting after a good friend and artist, James Ward, dropped off an artists beginners kit for me at work. It contained some canvases and some paint. I looked at the kit for almost 2 weeks before I tried it. I ran out of paper in my sketch book so I started painting. I tend to express a lot of emotions in my paintings and drawings. It feels like an outlet to me. I do not paint or draw for anyone, I paint and draw for myself and my sanity. That sounds so selfish but its true. I do alot of abstract painting. I like to use bold colors and no form to my paintings. I plan on taking as many art classes as possible this year. I hope with dedication and hard work, I can only get better!
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    Due to the newness of my journey, I do not have a resume at this time. I have sold one piece, to a friend of mine.


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