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Dannon Brown aka "Lola"

Dannon Brown aka "Lola"

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    A performing artist that embraces both the world of dance and acting, Lola (born Dannon Brown), seeks projects that connect with the audience visually, mentally, and emotionally.
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    -Self-taught dancer

    -Active member of the River City Family street dance crew.
    (Founded & creatively directed by Andronicus Scott)

    - Member of LumpyGrits Artistry
    Plays lead in play production of "Black Girl". Billie Jean has dreams of becoming a dancer but her mother and two sisters want to steer Billie in a different direction.
    *Stage Reading*
    February 8, 2020 Agori Borealis
    -Also in production for "Mufaso's Beautiful Daughters", and "The Talking Eggs"

    -Featured in motion film titled "Shrevepoet" by Abigail Kruger

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