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    We're all living organism but we're all descended from different tribes, groups, social classes, origins, cultures. We form our own habits, follow our own customs and we manifest. but in reality... we all form one circle. Conveying our individuality through our arts, vision, diversities, creations that were all gifted to us by our ancestors.

    I established Organic Roots Nov. 2015. The brand is inspired by art and cultures of all walks. We were cultivated from pure creation and talented artist, who share the same ideas. Our pieces are bold, colorful, and unique, and range from hair accessories to backpacks. Our fabrics are handwoven, and chosen for it's durability to ensure quality. Our materials are generally made of natural resources such was leather and stones. Our products are carefully handcrafted, and made with authenticity so our gift to you are individual, original pieces. Organic Roots is not just a brand... It's an artist lifestyle.
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    Organic Roots
    November 2015 - present
    Founder & creative director

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