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Rebecca Homminga

Rebecca Homminga

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    I thrive on creating art out of clay. In find the process of managing a moist lump of clay through creation on a wheel, careful drying and surface treatments, glazing and firing, to be exciting and soul satisfying. The learning challenges along the way never end and add to my enjoyment. Pottery to me, is a calming way to step out of everyday chaos. I hope that my work conveys my joy to others.
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    Pottery became my creative outlet in 2006 while living and working in Austin, Texas as a Registered Nurse. I now enjoy teaching and passing on the skills I have learned. Since moving to Shreveport in 2014, I have sold my work privately and participated in occasional shows, as follows:

    2016 Highland Artists Studio Tour
    2018 Downtown Shreveport Art Walk
    2019 Downtown Shreveport Art Walk


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