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Melissa Wilkerson

Melissa Wilkerson

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    As an artist, I like to bring attention to the experience of the divine feminine in everyday life, often through unusual or shocking images. My art is constructed to solicit a visceral reaction upon viewing or interaction with the piece. My 2d work is done primarily in acrylics and my 3D work is done in fabric.
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    Received formal art training all throughout primary and secondary schooling.
    Studied art under Mr. Allen and Mrs. Alexander at Caddo Magnet High from 2002-2005.
    Self-taught seamstress, have been sewing/dressmaking for 10 years.
    Made 3 bead quilts for AS IS by Nick Cave, with two being used in the production and one entitled "Choas of Addiction" on permanent display near the Municipal Theater.
    Sewed and multiple costumes for Christmas in the Sky 2018 as one of the seamstresses.


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