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Darrel A. La Beau Jr.

Darrel A. La Beau Jr.

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    Photography is a means of self-expression. Freezing a moment in time with my camera is creating history for me. I shoot pictures for my own gratification. Through that a story is told. My choice of subject comes from a place of intuition and is driven by an impetuous desire to bring to life the stories that unfold around me. My aim is to capture the stories that are not obvious and the uncommon in the common.
  • Resume

    Darrel A. La Beau Jr.
    424 Dalzell Street
    318 286-3846 *

    • Delgado Community College: Minor in Photography
    • Skilled in methods that help to capture the right moments through the lens
    • Well versed in using Nikon brand cameras
    • Creative skills and sense of artist visuals that help to develop visually appealing photographs.
    • Skilled in using the photography equipment including the camera, lights and stands
    • May 2016-hired to create artistic photos for advertising art exhibition
    • June to September 2018-Work represented through Highland Open Studio Tours Sunday

    • Private collectors in New Orleans and Shreveport
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