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Tricia Cartinez

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    When I was ten years old my Mother signed me up for piano lessons and I absolutely hated it! It didn't take long for us to come to the agreement that I could stop piano as long as I chose another artistic discipline. I immediately chose painting. I learned how to paint with oils at our local Senior Center. I painted for years, but as I got older I began to paint less and less.

    I lost my oldest brother to ALS three years ago. At the time I inherited his paintbrushes and art supplies. The Summer of 2018 I had a particularly difficult time with my mental and physical health. It was during that time when I picked up my brother's  brushes and paints and began to paint again.

    I now paint with acrylic and have not spent a day without painting since I began. My style is eclectic. I am inspired by nature, and by my husband and children's Native American culture. I  basically enjoy painting just about anything that captures my attention.

    It has been a delight to share my art with my family and friends. I would like to make my paintings available for more people to enjoy.
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    I do not have much of a reaume' to speak of at this time. I am hoping that with time, and persistence this will change.
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