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    As an adult, I find myself seeking an outlet for my inner chaos. When I feel life becoming hectic, I put my earbuds in, press play on one of my playlists or favorite radio stations and find calm within my creative space. I discovered that by putting acrylic to canvas it gives me the calm, passion, drive, and serenity I have been seeking. I primarily use acrylic as well as unconventional mediums.
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    Mimzy(Mim McCoy), a NWLA native, was raised in a family of musicians. Art and music have always gone hand in hand with her life's interests. She is a rap/hip hop artist also. After a family tragedy, her hobbies came to a sudden halt. This was a breaking point for her spirituality. After soul searching for a bigger purpose in life, she picked her hobbies back up being inspired by her children. She finds she is able to express herself best through abstract painting as well as her music.
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