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    My name is D.W. Barela and I'm an author, playwright, director, producer, poet, licensed minister and entrepreneur, who has been performing in front of live audiences for well over sixteen years.

    In 1997, I graduated from LSU-S with a B.A. in Communications but did not officially start my writing career until 2001 when I became a ghost writer for a local Christian Publishing company called ShaCoo Publishing. However, in 2002, after writing, directing and producing my first stage play, I knew I had found my niche.

    In 2008, my husband and I started our own publishing company called Poiema Publishing and it was then that I wrote and self-published my first book of short stories and poetry, entitled, “After the Bloom”. In 2012, my organization, Poiema Ministries, partnered with a non-profit, F.R.E.E. Inc., to motivate and inspire at-risk-youth to engage in reading, entrepreneurship, gardening, making proud choices and taking part in the arts (more specifically, a stage play, written and directed by yours truly).

    Lastly, in 2017, because I truly believe in the therapeutic benefits of the arts and giving back to the local community, my husband and I, founded Therapeutic Arts Ministry for Alternative Recovery, (TAMAR) Inc. which is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that uses the arts and Christ-centered spirituality to help trauma survivors recover their voice, value, and vision for a flourishing future and better quality of life.
  • Resume

    D.W. Barela


    "#Flashbacks!" T.A.M.A.R. Inc. Writer/Director/Producer 2017
    “The Focal Point” F. R.E.E. Inc. Writer/Director/Producer 2016
    “It’s Their Loss” F. R.E.E Inc. Writer/Director/Producer 2015
    “Smokescreen” F.R.E.E. Inc. Writer/Director/Producer 2014
    “Choices” F. R.E.E. Inc. Writer/Director/Produced 2013
    “He Who Knows” F. R.E.E. Inc. Writer/Director/Producer 2012
    “Off the Map” BPCC Directed 2014
    “What Are You Doing in There?” BPCC Directed 2013
    “But You Can Call Me Eve” N.C.F.C. Writer/Director/Producer 2007
    “The Testimony” N.C.F.C. Writer/Director/Producer 2006
    “God Don’t Make Mistakes” N.C.F.C. Writer/Director/Producer 2003
    “The Way of Escape” N.C.F.C. Writer/Director/Producer 2002

    Associate of Arts in Performing Arts (Theatre) December 2013 BPCC
    Certificate of Technical Studies in Theatre December 2013 BPCC
    Technical Competency Area in Directing December 2013 BPCC
    Bachelors of Arts in Communications (PR) May 1997 LSU-S
    Associate of Science in Data Processing May 1992 HPU
    Military Service:

    U. S. Navy Active Duty August 1987 – June 1993
    U.S. Navy Reserve Duty October 1993 – November 1997
    Special Skills:

    Inspirational speaker; Writes poetry, raps and song lyrics; Performs public poetry readings; Self-taught beginner finger-pick guitar and piano.

    Special Awards/Accomplishments:

    Active Member of Dramatist Guild of America July 2018
    Founder of 501 (c) 3 Arts Organization T.A.M.A.R. April 2017
    Best Directed One-Act Play Award BPCC Fall 2013-2014
    Self-Published Author “After the Bloom” 2008

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