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Hilary George

Hilary George

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    Hilary, from a young age, was a lover of all animals. Always finding kitties, dogs and turtles on the side of the road to save. She knew her heart was always full when she had a pet to take care of and love. At the age of 7, her grandmother taught her to sew. First by hand, she started following stencils making t-shirts and grew a love of the art. Finally, she progressed and her grandmother let her use the sewing machine making dolls and pillows. She would come home from school asking her Mother, "Can I sew a doll again?" As Hilary grew to be a teenager, she put the needle down to concentrate on her sports, friends and fun. She was very appreciative of the skill that she learned and the fact the she could fix a stitch here and there as needed. At the age of 27, she owned a boxer pup named Abigail. She loved to find the cutest collars and leashes for her but they seemed to be all the same style. She studied a collar that she bought at a store and though to herself "Hey, I can make that!" A week later, she went and bought a new sewing machine and all the supplies she needed to make a custom dog collar. She couldn't stop sewing them! Then Paws Time was born! Making dog collars, leashes, and bows has combined to things she loves in life all thanks to her Grandmother.
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    Hilary started Paws Time in May 2018. She built a website to sell her product;
    She joined Shreveport Night Market as her first show and continues to sign up for more!

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