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Frank Salas Montellano

Frank Salas Montellano

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    My name is Ynigo Montoya. No, wait. That's not right. My name is Frank Montellano. Last name is pronounced Mawn-tea-Yawn-oh. I'm originally from L.A., CA and now hang my hat in NW LA.

    I'm a writer of mostly fantasy, some horror, the occasional sci-fi if I'm feeling froggy. But mostly fantasy. That's where I live and breathe, among the magicians and wizards and elementals and TtGBitN. My favorite authors are Moorcock, Gaiman, and Zelazny.

    I have four kids and an amazing wife. She writes as well.

    If you've read this far, here are some amazingly cool tidbits for you: I am a goat, literally. Well not quite literally, but I am a retired United States Navy Chief, and we are known as goats, so yeah, there's that. I've been kicked out of an entire country before, but don't ask, the memory is too painful to share. Lastly, I've climbed Mount Fuji (I've also learned what the wise men say about Mount Fuji, but in order to learn the secret you have to climb the mountain too. Then we can talk).

    Howdy y'all :)
  • Resume

    Black Char & the Crystal Caves: It's a Trap! Self-published through Amazon, June 3, 2018. Come along for a wild ride full of magic and mystery as desperate men and women risk the dangers of the legendary crystal caves in search of their hearts' desires. Black Char the Explorer reluctantly guides an expedition into the dark depths, where ancient magics create crystal wonders powerful enough to change the world.

    State of Affairs. Short story published as part of Seasons of Seasons of Fantasy and Fear, Wolfsinger Publications, February 27, 2018. A story about love and jealousy, with gorillas.

    Monsters. Short story published as part of Protectors of the Veil, a horror anthology published through Amazon Digital Services LLC by Dawn Matthews, December 14, 2017. A warrior battles dreams, at the risk of his sanity.

    Pirates & Demons: Eye of Dog. Self-published through Amazon, October 11, 2017. Pulp Fiction for the Fantasy crowd! A quiet day during a long ocean voyage turns into a deadly chase as pirate ships appear on the horizon. Passengers and crew band together in a desperate attempt to save their ship from the dreaded Ice Pirates. But all is not as it seems as pirates aren’t the only danger on the high seas, and one of the passengers hides a dangerous secret.

    The Last Horn. Short story published as part of Incarceration Anthology, Wolfsinger Publications, May 19, 2017. A man in the entertainment industry tries to get his manhood back

    The Legacy. Short story published as part of Winter: Ruin & Renewal Anthology, WolfSinger Publications, April 1, 2017. A family of witches, a murder, and the return of the prodigal son.

    The Killing Parts. Short story published as part of Fall: Fear & Hope Anthology, WolfSinger Publications, October 10, 2016. A mourning father figures out how to cheat death, but not without consequences.

    The Symbol and the Ring. Short story published as part of Summer: Magic & Mayhem Anthology, Wolfsinger Publications, June 20, 2016. A CSI encounters an ancient evil in modern-day Los Angeles.

    Pawn. Short story published as part of Spring: Dreams & Nightmares Anthology, Wolfsinger Publications, April 7, 2016. A chef-turned-thief tries to assassinate the queen. Turns out to be easier than he planned.

    The Return of Baba Arleti. Short story published as part of Den of Thieves Anthology WolfSinger Publications, April 28, 2015. A Family of Travelers aids a man with a strange request.

    As Yet Unreleased
    The Pinky Promise. Items and a message from the past hint of desperate acts in desperate times.

    The Ghost Garden. A plucky young girl gets an idea in her head, to grow ghosts...

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