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Brittani Phillips

Brittani Phillips

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    My work walks a fine line between control and chaos. From the color to the fluidity of the paint, I try to capture the emotions of a single glimpse of life. It’s about balance, but at the same time it’s about instability. It’s about seeing the dark and the light then bringing them together into one cohesive dance.
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    Brittani Phillips is a self-taught emerging abstract artist. She is a California native but currently residing in Bossier City. Some of her latest works can be found at STEM Events and Louisiana Specialty Gifts. Brittani works with mostly High Flow acrylic paint and Epoxy Resin. She displays her work not only on canvas but on cheeseboards, coasters, and serving trays as well. She adds her own flare to each piece, making them a unique functional art statement. She brings to life her canvases with a creative technique she has developed over time. Bringing together her old style of work, with her new.

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