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Hilarie Turley

Hilarie Turley

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    I believe it is the job of the artist to give life to subjects that consume their mind, in an effort to better understand themselves as an individual, as well as the role they play in an interconnected world. By using the elements of design I create visual reactions to personal experiences and use these means to explore the limits of the human condition. Through the creative process, staying true to myself and the subject matter are paramount. My intent is to express my private truths in a hope that they may inspire others to act honestly with themselves and to others, while also considering how disturbing our world can be when we choose otherwise. I hope to go beyond the conscious surface to unveil truths that were not obvious at the start so that the work has a transformative quality while exploring resonating themes of transparency, loss, the human body, and sexuality.
  • Resume

    Hilarie Turley
    4122 Dellwood St.
    Shreveport, LA 71107

    2012, B.A. in Studio Art, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

    Exhibition Record:
    2010, Multiples, Group show, WASH Gallery, Huntsville, TX (Semi-permanent installation)
    2012, Mental Maps & Metaphysics, Group show, SOFA Gallery, Huntsville, TX
    2012, Inspired By, Group show, SOFA Gallery, Huntsville, TX
    2015, DigiArt, Group show, East Bank Gallery, Bossier, LA
    2015, DigiBest, Group show, Shreveport Regional Arts Council, Shreveport, LA
    2017, Doing Time, Solo exhibition, Emerging Artist Gallery, Bossier, LA

    2014, Untitled, 36” x 48” Acrylic Painting, Nik and Farah Shay, Houston, TX
    2015, Culture EP, Digital Cover Art, Michael Wolfe, Austin, TX
    2018, Soulmates, 24” x 24” Acrylic Diptych Painting, Aresh and Melissa Assadi, Little Rock, AR (in progress)

    Print Media
    2017, The Forum, Page 55, May 24-June 6, Vol. XXVIII, Issue XVIII, Shreveport LA

    Related Experience:
    2015, Administrative Assistant for the Bossier Arts Council: Installed shows and photographed artwork, Bossier, LA
    2016-present, Ceramic Art Assistant: Taught clients ceramics and managed kilns; Contract work, Evergreen Life Services, Haughton, LA

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