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    I am an alternative and special effects make up artist working in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana. My creations started as make up looks shared with my online friends as I was transforming myself out of boredom. Delving further into my inspirations, the process quickly became cathartic for me as I moved forward in my creations. I would create looks representing my true emotions -expressing the pain of adolescence and heartbreak we all experience. In a time right before make up tutorials were commonplace on Youtube and Instagram, this made my work stand out. My art is born from an untraditional beauty that lives in my dreams can only be represented through explosions of color and the macabre. A concoction of horror motifs, drag make up influences, psychology, and feminism come to inform my psychedelic transformations. I turn others and myself into horrifically beautiful creatures. My work is the physical manifestations of the fears and inequalities that plague our lives, especially as women. They are creepy, horrific feelings framed in color that fall snugly into the niche between special effects cosmetics and fine art. I want to package the world’s problems in an intriguing and attractive way, so that ultimately it will bring light to the darkness plaguing our society. This way, we can address the real-life monsters of our society instead of hiding them away in the closet, pretending that they don’t exist.
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    (318) 773-9638


    Bossier City, LA

    Bossier Parish Community College
    Studies in Film
    August 2013 - January 2014

    Artist (Freelance)
    January 2011-Present

    -Special effects, fantasy, horror, and surreal makeup artist creating designs for photo shoots, music videos, galleries, products, fashion shows, and social media
    - International recognition as a photographer and makeup artist
    - Design and create for clients according to their specifications
    - Collaborate with other artists, producing original artwork for galleries outside of Louisiana
    - Create original makeup concepts and apply on 20 models for local fashion shows
    - Photography, makeup artistry, modeling on myself on social media (8 years experience)
    - Makeup and photography on clients for photo shoots


    RAW ARTIST Art Exhibition (June 2017) New Orleans, Louisiana

    “Learning You Are The Vessel” Meade Gallery at the Roxbury Arts Center (Sept 23-Nov 4 2017) Roxbury, New York

    “Through the Dark Place” Ro2Art Gallery (Dec 10- Jan 6 2017/2018)


    -Digital Art
    -Mask Making
    -Mixed Media Canvas Art
    -Acrylic Paint
    -Theatre, Acting

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