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    I realize I need a creative outlet, or I will wither away and become empty shell. My art is a way I express to the world what I can’t put into words. To see the beauty in details that are commonly missed and to feel the elation and disparities in life. There is a deep, almost innate desire, and need to create. Just as I need to breathe, I need to create. Music and emotions have a strong influence on my art.

    Who do you get your inspiration from?

    I get inspiration from everyone and everywhere. There is something beautiful about every piece of art I look at. Wheather it is thier use of light, angles, content or colors they use, there is something that inspires me to create.
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    Hope Patterson was born in southern California and moved to Shreveport Louisiana about 12 years ago.
    Some of her Influences and inspirations, are comic books Shi, and the X Men. A couple of painters Thomas kinkade, Leonid Afremov, Dali, are few that have inspired her to paint. Along with some great local artist.

    She started drawing in 6th grade. In high school she mostly drew comic style characters and doodles. She rarely showed anyone her work.

    She is mostly self-taught. She has taken a few different drawing, ceramics, and photography classes in high school and college.

    She started doing photography in 2000/2001. In 2002 she had her first photo displayed in an employee art show. She worked with a few professional photographers as a 2nd camera, and did some work on her own.

    For Almost 13 years, She created very little artwork. After a major life change she has come back to her beloved art.
    With the encouragement and inspiration of a few people (in the area), Hope decided to step out on a limb and put her work out there. In July she has started using oils.
    In the future Hope plans to experiment with acrylics and textures
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