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Sherry Ayers

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    My name is Sherry Ayers and I am a local student at BPCC who is majoring in Biology but have had art as a passion since I was a small child.

    Artistically I believe I am well rounded from doing traditional painting to digital media as well.
    I am a member of the Bossier City Art Council as well as a local vendor at art or comic conventions where I sell and advertise my prints.

    Much of my work can be seen on instagram or facebook under my business name "Shut You Fox Hole".
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    Self Employed:

    Freelance artist as well as magazine editor.
    Experience wise I have been an art editor for the Texas High School, Texarkana, Texas Literary and Art magazine back in 2009. Our magazine was called "Foot Print", which I also was the artist behind the cover and poster design.
    Then again in 2012 I became the main editor for the whole magazine, which that year we named "Another Open Door". I once again created the entire poster and cover for the magazine as well as different art pieces inside.

    For the last six years I was enlisted in the Air Force, however in 2016 I started my own art business which I have named "Shut Your Fox Hole". Here I have
    - Designed, delivered, and completed commissioned pieces
    - Created and distributed prints from personal works I've created.
    - Made a presence at local conventions

    Art Competitor
    - Submitted a digital piece called "Oil Slick" For Digifest 2017

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