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    I am a 2018 Red River Revel Artistic Merit Award winner from Shreveport. I produce works in abstract, mixed media and clay form but have concentrated mostly on hand sculptured clay pieces that are reminiscent of ancient European Intaglios. I have taken this concept and have updated them to reflect a more modern sculptured piece. I call my interpretation pieces, “Free Form Intaglios.” The pieces are more fluid and have a sense of movement rather than the traditional Intaglios that are uniform in style. Once sculpted they are mounted on canvas and other mediums. Their subject matter varies from regional concepts to floral or spiritual designs but all are executed in classical colors with gilded edges to reflect their heritage. The background colors which they are mounted are either bold or neutral depending on the subject matter. At times I will incorporate my abstract work but the 3D element is what provides the interest. The end result is beautiful and subtle but leaves a lasting impression on the admirer.


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