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    As a Communication major in my younger years I explored different theories of communication and have spent most of my adult life using sales as a communication platform. In my education and professional life I had never really explored using my art as a communication tool. With so many means to communicate with these days, I find it hard to engage or connect with someone truthfully and to be received truthfully. It is my hope that with my art, I will connect with the audience.

    I would describe myself as a contemporary artist, however I have never been one for labels so I would not define myself as this solely. I paint mostly abstracts. My medium of choice is acrylic paint. I do incorporate soft pastels, charcoal and metallic in some of my work on occasion . When painting abstracts I like to use bright hues and at times gold accents. In my work I build depth and texture with pallet knife applications. I like the idea of these layers composing a story of color that only exposes what the knife wants to reveal. To me it’s the randomness that can make something mundane, aestheticly pleasing and the thought I can create something by force is liberating in a somewhat controlled environment.

    If I can produce a concept that one can gravitate towards based on color or texture then hopefully I have generated enough interest to invoke a conversation. At that point I will have done my job as an effective communicator and as an artist.


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