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Heather Blue Steele

Heather Blue Steele

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    This creative process is a way for me to let go of control and allow the properties of the paint help create a color expression of emotion. It’s my perfect controlled chaos.
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    I am a self-taught visual artist who uses Acrylic Pour “fluid painting” to create one of a kind images. Using acrylic color, various additives , and technique, I create abstract imagery without ever touching a paintbrush.

    Donated works to Caddo Parish Schools and Shreveport CrimeStoppers
    STEM Lunch & Events 2018
    The Shreveport Club, April 2018
    Rhino Coffee Uptown, July 2018
    Agora Borealis, Fluid Art Challenge 2018
    “Contained” East Bank Gallery BAC 2018

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