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    I pursue life as a passion for each moment surfing the waves of "The right There" capturing it into my visual artwork.
    By my collection, Warriorz and Warriettes 18, I aim to communicate my "Right There" of past six years.

    It is said that, It is good to know the timing and for that you must recognize the times. This period of time has catapulted me around the world to learn of different cultures, arts and artisans. The colors, smells, voices and different kinds of lives of precious people of Finland, Greece, Mozambique, Middle East, India, Morocco and Louisiana have made an impact on me. The incredible artisans, their devotion and humility yet amazing skill and craftsmanship has brought me to a place of awe and inspiration.

    "Right there" is a place where worlds collide. It is a place where the known and the unknown meets. The place of facing fear yet putting on the armor of courage and faith. A place where warriorz and warriettes dwell. It is where Justice seem to have ran to hide and love has been replaced by lust. It is where the values of the corporate world has swallowed the Light and Truth, cuffed it for slavery for its own agenda. It is where Hope is eternal and Love conquers all fear. Its a place where the magic happens.

    Right There, you decide what happens.

    I have got many heroes, those invisible and unknown warriorz and warriettes fighting to increase love and faith in hard, very dark places where fear and hatred, greed and selfishness has polluted the atmosphere.

    The work is plenty, the laborers are yet few.
    With my collection I want to Call out for Warriorz and Warriettes!

    How did I find my "Right There"?

    On my journey, I stopped my life in the dry Sahara Desert spending time with nomads while colliding into "Right there" while the nomad within me dived into surface. That is when I realized, I am a representative of a tribe, a root. Coming from a strong tribal country, Finland, I have taken on a nomadic journey, not on camels but on airplane.

    I have been compelled to follow the Wind of the Spirit after the waters of life to learn and to put in place an understanding that transcends thru my Art, an understanding that to me is best communicated through art. The process of following the wind after the living waters, took me to an unknown journey thru earth and places of great consuming fires. Of those I am grateful and still at awe.

    In this collection the Water meets the Air, and the Fire meets the Earth, creating a place of "Right There" .
  • Resume

    P R O F I L E
    • Working as co-founder, visionary and Creative Director for an upcoming ethical fashion brand while transitioning from teaching elementary school for 14 years.
    • Designing a sustainable women's and men's clothing.
    • Pattern making, sewing, liaising with partnering companies
    I am a mother of four adult children first, a clothing designer by trade and an
    elementary school teacher for the past 14 years, teaching arts and crafts among other
    subjects. Since I was only 5-years old, my interest in sewing and arts became the
    pivotal point for my grandmother to start pouring into me her legacy of a carpet
    weaver, seamstress and arts and crafts artist. Later in teens, I started making my own
    clothes from start to finish and grew the interest by attending the Fashion of Design
    and Merchandising Institute in San Fancisco, and graduating in Finland as a patternmaker.
    Since then I have had my own atelje and become a co-founder of ethical
    sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand,
    Recently, I have been fortunate to work in Shreveport Artspace as a resident artist where I have got to know the marketplace of my town better, and been able to join hands with the community. One hand at a time.
    I am currently working on the clothing collection called 'Warriorz and Warriettes' that will include clothing for 'him and for her'. The fabrics used are silk, linen and fine cotton from around the world. A wedding dress with printed hands from public and decorations from the local native artisans will become a focal point alongside with the collection. Something to fight for. With the joining of the hands the visual community art piece will do just that, continue to make connection with the artisans and the public around the world.

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