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Matthew Bruce

Matthew Bruce

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    To inspire as inspired. To step into the place where the forces of darkness and light co-exist, exceeding the realm of the natural by exercising the power to express our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. “Building the bridge from the mind to the tangeable threw the Chanel of Art”.
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    I grew up as a highly imaginative child inspired by my mother to make the simple things into the infinite threw the power of the mind, “ imagination” the word itself can draw me out of reality like turning the key to unlock the power of a Super engine ,charged with the perpetual energy of the fourth dimension. As I grew up I made some choices that continued to make dreams but ultimately came to a point where it tourchered me into a place where my thoughts and manipulation of reality became detrimental to my life. Through discipline and education I have been able to start over knowing the boundaries of reality and the imagination. Living life with purpose, trying to affect people in the world in a positive manor. Our minds are always working in a constructive or distructive way in my opinion. And sometimes parts of our minds need a remodel where as the old structures need to be cleared away before the new are built.
    In my adult life I have been involved in trades of all sorts stemming from automotive, equipment, and aircraft mechanics to construction, building restoration,plumbing and retail coustomer service. I have not had The opportunity yet to explore my artistic expression past close friends family and others that I have come in contact with through the rebuilding of my life. I have recently been on a search to grow the area in where my expressions can be useful and entertaining ,until last night when i found it right underneath my feet in Shreveport’s Art walk. The Chanel I have been searching for has presented itself, and the time is now.


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