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    I have been a motion picture costumer for over 25 years but photography has been a hobby and a passion for me since I was in college. Capturing a moment in time to create a memory that will last forever is priceless. Whether it is a child's twinkling eyes you see through your lens, a butterfly landing on the perfect flower, a breathtaking sunset, or the unconditional love reflected in a pet's eyes - photography is my outlet for appreciating beauty every day. I love to capture moments that make
    memories last forever!
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    Donna Chance Hall
    2200 Bethlehem Lane
    Shreveport, LA 71108

    Film Costumer for 28 years (film resume)

    Photography as a hobby for 32 years and last year turned it to a profession. My photography website is
    My photos have been featured in The Forum, the Shreveport Times, US News and World Report and one of my photos was selected as a Best Photo in the historic anthology America at the Millenium.

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