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    Each piece represents a particular stressor and its subsequent coping mechanism. Whether it's that first heartbreak or those everyday, accumulative life happenings. To this mantra, I leave you all: Love is all we've got and so I'd rather not, live solely just to let it rot. Like bark falls from a tree, eventually, that love will fade, but we'll just have to learn to see it vividly.
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    I grew up in the rural East Texas town of Carthage, Texas. There, I was met with a harsh duality. On one side, I was surrounded by creative and like minded friends whom always encouraged me. While, on the other side, I was met with that all-too-familiar judgement from my peers and from my family. I started expressing my artistic talents through music to help cope with the judgement of those around me, as well as, the sudden divorce of my parents. Although I don't have any formal training in music, painting/drawing or photography, I've always felt a deep calling to these particular pastimes. They have never let me down when life became a little too much and I needed an outlet to express my anger and frustration. I'm sure so many people can relate to what I'm about to say and I know it might come across as a bit hallmark-y, but art really did save my life and It's through my art, much better than my words, that I can show people that.
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