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    I am Celia Carr and I am an abstract impressionist artist. I use water-based materials, such as acrylics, inks and oil pastels, to create my paintings. I love the options and diversity these materials provide and how they create different levels of depth and texture when combined. You will find that I frequently use deep blue and green tones. However, I also resonate with purple and magenta as well.

    I love to create work that makes people want to lean in for a closer look. The elements of color, contrast, line work and bold texture are incorporated into the piece to invoke a connection to an experience. I paint many layers using different strokes to achieve the texture and depth you see in my work. I want my work to be a way to confront the viewer but also invigorate them. I am inspired by both living and past great abstract artists including, Joan Mitchell, Joan Fullerton, Claude Monet and Helen Frankenthaler.

    We live in a time that the connection people have is mostly through technology. The direct contact and personal relationships have changed. By the way of technology we know everything that is going on in someone’s life on the surface, but may not know the struggles underneath. I strongly believe that we are still able to connect through experiences. Every person has experienced joy and sadness, love and hate, success and failure, calm and chaos. Art for me is putting an expression of these experiences on canvas. It is a way to show how we are connected at a deeper level. I want people to sense that they are not alone in their feelings. For me art is more than a desire to create, it is a necessity – an intense passion to create. This is why I paint and why I am an artist today.

    These influences and the absolute need to create from the soul led to the creation my art. Its many layers, bold contrast and value changes signify how complex and beautiful our experiences in life make us. Different viewpoints of the same painting can lend a change of perspective of what was originally seen.
  • Resume

    2018: Critical Mass 6 artist
    Hayter Reynolds Biz Art feautured Artist for the month of August
    Jona Quest Gallery in Greenwich, London October through December
    Selected for Juried Group Exhibit at Maddrey PLLC in Dallas - November
    2019: January - "Internal Noise" won Honorable Mention in the Juried Exhibition at
    Bossier Parish Community College juried exhibit.
    February: featured artist at an Agora Borealis venue
    March: Critical Mass 7 artist participant
    FUMC juried exhibit with Art Merit Award achieved for "I Know Those
    June: Downtown Hilton Convention Center - featured artist of the month.
    September: Exhibiting 15 paintings at the Shreveport Regional Airport for 6
    Accepted to the Art Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China - December 6-9

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