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Celia Carr

Celia Carr

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    As an artist, I strive to express how I experience personal events and the world around me. It may be organic, tranquil and soothing to chaotic and dramatic. My art has been an important part of my life when dealing with my deepest emotions. I find that one inspiration is unusual grouping of shapes created by everyday objects – such as the curves and angles created by a lamp cord draping off of a table. I don’t see the objects, but what their components create. I take this image and attempt to give my own interpretation of what I see is unique and beautiful. Life events are another powerful inspiration. I feel that those paintings are more raw and fluid.
    My goal is that my work will speak to something within the person looking at it. I try to have movement and passion presented. My artwork is truly an expression of who I am, where I’ve been, and what I’ve gone through – therefore, it’s always evolving.
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    Continuously learning and developing my skills
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