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    Bianca has a cat and possibly a monster in her closet. She uses humor at the wrong times and makes scenarios for every eventuality except for what actually happens. Bianca’s favorite season is summer and she refuses to acknowledge the existence of winter. She has a love hate relationship with blankets. She’ll respond if you call her “B” but she’ll hate you for it, secretly. Then she’ll tell all her friends how much she hates you. People would say Bianca rambles, but they’d be dirty liars.
    She began writing when she was twelve to help keep track of her daydreams. It didn’t really work, but she’s kept trying.
    When she’s not suffering from crippling social anxiety, Bianca enjoys putting people on the spot and stuffing her face. When she’s not making waiters feel awkward or going to town on a plate, she likes to read fanfiction and fall into the pit that is Tumblr memes.
    When it comes to activities people with self-respect engage in, Bianca enjoys watching movies and fat-shaming her cat. Okay, so she enjoys movies.
    Growing up has had the unfortunate consequence of greater social awareness, so nowadays Bianca addresses social issues in her writing. A lot of Bianca’s writing is sad, but she hopes you’ll take something positive out of it anyway.

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