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Jennifer Clark-Vazquez

Jennifer Clark-Vazquez

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    I love to create stories, oil paintings and watercolor paintings. Sometimes, I create a combination of all 3.
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    Jennifer Clark-Vazquez
    307 Shreveport Road Barksdale AFB, LA 71110
    Cell Phone: 912-977-9671
    Objective: To create stories and paintings that promote a positive world.
    Education: Augusta State University December 1998-December 2001
    English with concentration in technical writing

    Published Books
    2016 Promise and Snow-po. ISBN-13: 978-1537255101 and ISBN-10:153725510x. Written and Illustrated by JCV.
    2016 Tour the Mount Molly, A story of Promise and Snow-po. ISBN-13 978-1539089247 and ISBN-10: 153908924X. Written and Illustrated by JCV.
    2016 Best Friend for Christmas, The beginning stories of Promise and Snow-po. ISBN-13: 978-1530539987 and ISBN-10:1530539986. Written and Illustrated by JCV.

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