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Tracy Lea Carnes

Tracy Lea Carnes

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    Tracy Lea Carnes is the author of the novel EXCESS BAGGAGE, a humorous yet inspiring glimpse of Kelly, a careerless thirty year old woman, who moves back home to her tragically dependent mother after the death of her overbearing father in order to rediscover herself.

    Tracy was also a finalist in the Chris Moore Challenge during the first season of HBO’s Project Greenlight with a 60 second comedy spoof she wrote and produced. Most recently, her political satire has appeared nationally in The Huffington Post. In 2009 she won Sculpted Entertainment's 24 Hour Playwriting contest. Currently her play Casserole Girls is being produced in Los Angeles for a premiere later this year.
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    Excess Baggage - Novel - Featured at Pulpwood Queen's Girlfriend Weekend 2010
    Understanding Polly - One act play - winner of Sculpted Entertainment's 24 Hour Playwriting Contest
    Casserole Girls - Two Act Stage Play to debut Winter 2017 in Los Angeles
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