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    I`m a local artist who has worked on Academy Award winning movies, I own 3 International Clio Awards, as a commercial director, animator and graphic artist, N.Y. Art Directors Club Awards....etc.etc. I paint about every style of art. I have done murals and gallery work. I do fine artwork as well as commercial work. I have extensive experience in conceptual art, storyboard art, magazine art, billboard art, skateboard art, tattoo art, surf art etc.
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    My resume is too long to put on this space. It`s on my website and IMDB site. I have worked on over 100 productions from Spiderman to Batman to Seabiscuit , As Good As It Gets, Office Space, etc. I was the lead illustrator for The Washington Post. I have done a lot of magazine covers.I`ve worked for every major and minor film studio from coast to coast. Please check out my full resume on my IMDB site.

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