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    Raised in Hemphill, Texas, married to Martin Ferguson since 1992. She is the mother of 2 grown sons and a college age daughter. She is the grandmother of 4. She has lived in the Minden, LA area since 2008.
    Brandie and her family have traveled extensively with her husband’s work and she has seen many of God’s majestic wonders in nature which has inspired her to capture these moments in in photography.
    My first priority is always my family and those I love. This business gives me the freedom and flexibility to maintain a balanced life and to nourish my faith, family and friends. God grants us beautify and love every day. He gives us strength and wisdom to create a life that will benefit those around us and those he asks us to help and give to abundantly. God made the world beautiful and full of wonders, and it’s my job and calling to recognize and capture that beauty in such a way that the viewing audience would also be captive and drawn to the image.
    My aim is to become an example of doing business with the highest level of integrity. For my clients, my goal is to not only provide great pieces of work, I always aim to wow, exceed expectations and be timely. I’m thankful for this gift that I’ve been giving, the loved ones that support me in my passion. I will be forever grateful.
  • Resume

    Resume for Brandie M. Ferguson

    1 Photograph published in Savior Faire vol. 59

    Photographer Forum’s best of high school & college students

    April 2017
    3 Photographs published in Savior Faire vol. 60

    Art Exhibit at City Art Works in Minden, LA

    June 2017-

    Exhibition at Bossier Art Council, Bossier City, LA

    July 2017-

    Summer Exhibition- Dam Little Art Gallery, Boulder City, NV

    Photographer’s Forum 37th Annual Spring Photography Contest- Published in Best of Photography 2017

    August 2017

    Color of Humanity Art Gallery’s Exhibit- Abby & Prickly

    2017 Hot New Pics Show Exhibition

    8th Annual National Competition Exhibit at Gallery One Ellleven, Leesville, LA

    Light Space & Time Online Gallery Awarded
    Special Recognition for – Azzy
    Special Recognition for - Wiggle

    September 2017

    Light Space & Time Online Gallery Awarded-
    Special Recognition for- Wrap
    Special Recognition for- Hook

    1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

    October 2017

    Light Space & Time Online Gallery Awarded-
    Special recognition for- Tide
    Special recognition for- Sea

    November 2017

    Alex Ferrone Gallery, North Fork, New York

    Art Mart at the Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, Texas

    Light Space & Time Online Gallery Awarded-
    Special Recognition - Yellow
    Special Recognition - Butter Cup

    December 2017

    Circle Foundation for The Arts Awarded-
    Honorable Mention

    Light Space & Time Online Gallery Awarded-
    Special Recognition for- Gray
    Special Recognition for- Flow
    Special Recognition for- Wood Gray

    Contemporary Art Gallery Online-
    2nd Place- Fire in the Sky

    January 2018

    Light Time & Space Online Art Gallery All Women Exhibition-
    Special Merit for- Be Still & Know
    Special Recognition for- Hearts Ease

    Fusion Art, Women Artist Exhibition-
    Be Still & Know
    Just one Drop

    1650 Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
    Blurry Photography Exhibition-
    Tear Drops

    Circle Affiliate Artist Certificate
    Circle Foundation for the Arts Program

    February 2018

    Light Space & Time Online Gallery Cityscapes-
    Special Recognition- Tall

    Fusion Art 3rd Annual Leaves & Petals-
    Red Spot
    Make A Wish

    March 2018

    Contemporary Art Room-
    Merit Award for Excellent Artwork

    Artavita Online Contest-
    Certificate of Excellence

    Critical Mass 6 Art Show, Shreveport, LA

    Light Space & Time Abstract Art Exhibition-
    Special Recognition- Whirl
    Special Merit- Be Still

    April 2018

    Art Expo 2018 Manhattan, New York City Pier 94

    Flora & Fauna 2018 Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery-
    Honorable Mention- Crawfish
    Noteworthy- Peek, Good Friday

    Savoir Faire Vol. 61, Bossier City, LA

    Fusion Art Online Art Gallery 3rd Annual Landscape
    Honorable Mention- Pure as Snow

    Marlene Yu Museum/The Agora Borealis
    Micro/Macro Under the Microscope into The Cosmos

    Solo Show- April’s artist of the month at
    Hayter & Reynolds Law Office, Shreveport, LA

    Contemporary Art Gallery Online-
    2018 All Botanical Exhibition

    Artport Exhibition-
    Shreveport Regional Airport, Shreveport, LA

    May 2018

    Colors of Humanity “Water”
    Noteworthy- Hearts Ease

    Contemporary Art Gallery “All Botanicals”
    1st place- Open

    The Eureka Springs NW Arkansas National Photography Contest
    2nd place- Be Still & Know

    June 2018

    1650 Gallery Los Angeles, CA “Up Close”

    July 2018

    Fusion Art-2nd International Photography Exhibit

    Photographers Forum-Best of Photography 2018

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