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ML Dumars -Live with passion.

ML Dumars -Live with passion.

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    I am a writer and storyteller. As I share stories about my childhood and personal experiences, I evoke the familiar smells and sounds of a Southern black family evolving laconically within the realm of a safe secure home headed by a loving matriarch. Family and friends are the most inspiring aspects for my written and spoken stories. I was taught at an early age to enjoy the journey, and I hope my stories inspire you to do the same.
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    ML Dumars

    Published in Up All Night anthology
    Garden Writer for SB Magazine 2015-2016
    Storytelling at SRAC in 2015
    Storytelling at SRAC in 2017
    Published in Fleur de Lit Literary Magazine 2017-2018
    Published in Short Edition Digital Storylab 2018


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