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Bertha Harris

Bertha Harris

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    Bertha's work is in the genre of Clementine Hunter because it is based on her personal experiences growing up on a cotton plantation and picking cotton until she was 17 years old. Bertha's art is based on people she knew growing up, stories her family recounted and the life of the south in the 1930's thru the 70's. Bertha Harris writes of this life in her biography, The Courage to Rise Again.
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    My art can best be categorized as Southern Folk Art that evolved over my life in the country or picking cotton or living on the Beene Plantation in Bossier. I grew up on Cooper Hill on what came to be called White Lightening Road in Claiborne Parish prior to World War II and experienced changes that today others call historically and culturally significant.

    My art is my expression of experiences as I intimately relate to each piece I create. Materials for my art include wood, fabrics, found objects and cardboard with acrylic paint, drawing materials or latex house-paint used in creation. Paintings are typically inspired from memories, including time spent growing up and the work associated with rural Louisiana life.

    It is my desire that my art leaves behind both a legacy and historical context for future generations. I want my work to honor those whose path I walked and that I will leave markers to help others see that there is beauty in life all around us, even when we know there are troubles at every turn. Art is available at Bertha's public gallery 303 Kings Highway, Shreveport, LA 71104.

    Art exhibited: Solo Artist exhibit Louisiana State Exhibit Museum, 2013, Ft. Worth Art and Antiques Show, 2014-2017, Red River Revel 2013-2016, Rosedale Plantation Show and exhibit, Cane River Show and various exhibitions and art fairs.

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