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Thom Johnson

Thom Johnson

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    I'm good at:
    Illustrating things, watching birds, catching fish, growing plants, messing around with computers, playing loud music, building spaceships out of plumbing parts, starting fires and making art.

    I like:
    Making puppets, space music, grilling, Goonies, baseball, clouds and Jeeps.
  • Resume

    August 2004, Sleepover Gallery,"Strange Places, Weird Faces" Group Exhibit, Seattle WA.

    June 2004 & March 2005, Starbucks Coffee House, Solo Showing, Wallingford, Seattle WA.

    Nov. 2005, Derby Salon"Cycle", Solo Showing, Seattle, WA.

    2005 SOIL Art Auction, Seattle, WA.

    Dec. 2006, The Landing Music, Seattle, WA.

    May 2007, FringeShift Studios, Seattle,WA.

    March 2007, Chocolati Cafe, Seattle WA.

    May 2007, Big Bang Birthday Bash Art Auction, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle , WA.

    2010, Extravagonzo!, group show, minicine?, Shreveport, LA

    October 2013, Louisiana Music Prize showcase, group show, Voodoo Lounge, Shreveport, LA

    April 2017, LARGE (& some small) paintings..., Group Show, minicini?, Shreveport, La.

    April 2017, Critical Mass, Art Space, Shreveport, La.

    August 2017, The Agora Borealis, "Perceived Foundations", Shreveport, La.

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