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Camille Gladney Schmoutz

Camille Gladney Schmoutz

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    Camille was born and raised in rural Northwest Louisiana where she learned to love animals, books, music and to make her own fun. She drew, painted, and sang from an early age and began learning drums, guitar, and theatre in high school. A jack of all trades, Camille studied Vocal Performance at the Hurley School of Music for two years, received her license in Cosmetology after studying at Guy's Academy for Hair, Skin, and Nails for a year, earned her B.A. in French from LSU Shreveport, and her MFA in Dramatic Writing from Goddard College. Camille has played in rock bands from high school onward and has performed and recorded in multiple genres from punk rock to folk to opera. She loves the sensory experience of musical theatre and music performance, including costumes, makeup, and all the magic that goes into creative work behind the scenes. In 2018 Camille began her filmmaking career when she wrote, co-directed and produced the award-winning short film GLORIA for the Louisiana Film Prize competition. After a successful debut and festival run she turned her talents once more to auteurship and produced ST. ESTHER DAY the following year with filmmaking partner Jennifer Carsillo. Their film is currently in the festival circuit and today Camille is back to the drawing board, hard at work writing new feature length screenplays.
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    Camille has performed with many local performing art groups in the SBC area, including:
    Prisma Vocal Ensemble
    Shreveport Opera
    Asbury Methodist Church Choir
    The Shrevettes Band
    Shreveport Little Theatre

    She has performed as a soloist and an ensemble member in all of the above vocal ensembles and as both background talent and featured roles in her theatrical groups.

    Since 2017, Camille has branched out into film and has performed in the following works:

    Death Day (2017, background actor)
    Gloria (2018, writer/producer/director/background actor)
    St. Esther Day (2019, writer/producer/director)
    En Route (2019 proof of concept short, PA)
    Best in Show (2019, supporting actor)
    Incantation (2019, supporting actor)
    The Fantasy Draft (in development, lead actress)

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