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    Hello! My name is Alysse Leah Rist. I am a self-taught artist residing in Bossier City, Louisiana with my husband, Damian and our children, five beautiful cats and one stunning Rose Hair Tarantula. I specialize in painting semi-realistic nature pieces with a fantasy element as well as colorful abstracts, Kawaii cuteness, and pieces featuring Pagan symbology. My favorite mediums are acrylic paint, watercolor pencils, nail polish, and pencil.

    I have created art in one form or another as far back as I can remember. Whether it was making jewelry, drawing animals, writing poetry, or painting I was always busy doing something. I was raised by my artist mother and amateur photographer/musician father in Bossier City as an only child. Growing up my parents nurtured my love of learning and made a point of introducing me to many different things across a very broad spectrum. My mother and I would stay up late watching operas and at the intermissions she would quiz me on what had taken place in the previous two hours as well as answer any questions I may have regarding the production. We listened to music during dinner which included albums by Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Hawkwind, and Jethro Tull often discussing the stories behind the songs and bands I still love and connect to my incredible childhood. I watched musicals with my mamaw, had deep discussions on the occult with my papaw, and watched plays, ballet performances, nature programs, and foreign films with my mom and dad. Anytime I became interested in something else my parents and grandparents were there to foster my love of space, dinosaurs, history, literature, or whatever all the while supporting me fully in my endeavor to simply learn. There were brilliant family discussions and nature walks. There were poetry readings before bedtime. Monty Python's Flying Circus was recorded every single night so that when my father got home late we could watch it together as a family, laughing at the irreverent and exciting British comedy. Everything that I have learned and come in contact with has led to who I am today and has fed my creative appetite. I credit my beautiful family with who I am creatively and would simply not see the world in the vast array of colors and shapes and shades that I see it in today without their love, support, and devotion.

    In summation, I bleed art. I breathe in the sweet scent of creativity and wonder every day and put how it makes me feel into what I paint. I am the art and the art is me...
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    I have been an active seller on Etsy since 2008. I have sold many paintings since this time ranging from small ACEO's to more mid-sized pieces at 16 x 20 and have them in homes across the country. During this time period I have also had the honor of creating unique, custom pieces for several clients.

    In December of 2016 I participated in the inaugural Shreveport Geek Fair, a fair dedicated to artisans creating nerdy, geek-themed art. My Kawaii paintings featuring cupcakes and muffins dressed up as their favorite TV show and comic book characters as well as other pastries and snacks brought to life were featured for sale. It was the first time I had an opportunity to discuss doing a facet of what I love with the viewing public.

    In March of 2016 I attended The Great Catsby, the first annual fundraising dinner and silent auction to benefit local no-kill cat shelter Port City Cat Rescue. My husband and I are cat lovers and animal lovers in general to the core and are proud to be a part of this wonderful institution. I was asked to create two original paintings to donate for the purpose of fundraising and I happily accepted. I am happy to annouce that I will again be creating artwork for the fundraiser this year delightfully named Catsablanca.

    I have also participated in an artist's challenge show curated by local artist extraordinaire, Taffie Cragon Garsee. The challenge for this show was simply to incorporate a beautiful purple iris into a painting of which the style and medium was artist's choosing. The challenge produced fantastic results and the pieces were displayed in downtown Shreveport's premiere local artist showroom, The Agora Borealis.

    I will be entering the Critical Mass Art Show in March 2017 and look forward to adding to my resume in the coming months.

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