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Karen Kinberger Pearce

Karen Kinberger Pearce

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    Karen was born and raised in south Louisiana and is proud to claim New Orleans and Acadiana as her cultural heritage. Her father likes to remind her that she is 1/2 Cajun and 1/2 Coon Ass. An interesting combination for someone who currently resides in Yankee country! (Shreveport, LA) After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, Karen was married and had 4 beautiful children. In 2008, she decided to get a floral license to become a florist to be able to express her creative side after years of being a stay at home mom. After a divorce in 2013, Karen surrounded herself with art and music as a means of therapy, very much identifying with Thomas Merton who said, "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

    As a florist, Karen's paintings tend to have an organic feel with mediums that range from acrylics, watercolor, alcohol ink to mixed media paintings involving acrylics, plaster and organic materials. As an experimental artist, her paintings tend to evolve spontaneously often surprising her with the results.


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