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Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr.

Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr.

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    As I am digging into the Earth searching for gold, diamonds, and minerals I see the ground as my canvas, the shovel as my small brush, the pickaxe as my sculpturing knife, and the heavy equipment as my big brush. When I completely finish and see the gold and diamonds I dug at a wedding or inside a cell phone I can’t help, but feel I’ve created a masterpiece. As a miner I carve the Earth into whatever form I want as an artist does with a painting or sculpture. I mine thousands of textures and colors of sand, dirt, clay and rocks the same used in painting and sculpturing. The smell of diesel from the exhaust is as wonderful as the smell of fresh paint. Sounds of animals in the jungle is the same as the sounds of the hustle and bustle of the big city. After I rebuild a village the praise I get from villagers singing, dancing, and beating drums is as joyful as selling the first masterpiece to a buyer. I have decided to take my experience as the only Black American Gold Miner on this planet and expand it to an artist canvas. As an experienced scientist I know that all people, no matter their heritage needs an emotional awakening. After working in the most hostile and violent environments and witnessing the most beautiful places on the planet, I want to present to the world Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr. Art.
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    Minerals Extractor (Miner), Paramount Chief, Strategist, Scientist, Author, Professor

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